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[GUIDE] How to apply for builder
« on: October 11, 2019, 07:23:37 pm »
- - - - - How to apply for builder - - - - -

To apply for builder, please create a thread answering the following questions. You may copy-paste the questions into your new thread to make it easier to read:

- What is your Minecraft username?

- How old are you?

- Do you have discord & a working mic?

- Do you have any past experiences as a builder on any other servers, if so, provide details

- Are you good at working with others?

- How much time do you have to put towards your role?

- Are you a good listener? Do you follow what you are told?

In order to become a builder, we will need 2 videos (on YouTube) of builds YOU have created ALONE. If we find out you weren't the original builder, you will be denied.

One you are accepted (if you are accepted) you will be asked to build something on the server to show your skill.
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