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[GUIDE] Ban Appeals
« on: May 08, 2020, 06:53:40 pm »
******Why was I punished?******

If you were punished, either muted or banned, it is because you broke one of our server rules. We have a variety of different server rules, and because of this your punishment can vary depending on what rule you broke. You can find information regarding your punishment in the posts located below.

Next Section: Anti Cheat Punishments


Why was I banned by Hawk?

If hawk banned you, your ban message will include: [HAWK CHEAT DETECTION]

You were monitored, caught, and confirmed to be in one or more of the following categories:
Actively cheating by using one or more blacklisted modifications.
Previously used one or more blacklisted modifications which have outstanding effects on your Minecraft folder.
Using one or more disallowed modifications such as but not limited to TCP edit, Better Sprint, or macros.
Make sure to read the rules with /rules on the server or in the discord to help prevent further punishment.

Next Section: Can I appeal a Hawk ban?


How can I appeal an anti-cheat ban by Hawk?

In order to appeal a Hawk ban, follow the instructions to appeal any other ban which can be found at the bottom of the thread.

Appeals sent in any other way (e.g. private message, email, etc) will be directed back to the appeals section here with no further answer. We can only deal with appeals for the server in the appeals section here on the forums.

Next Section: Appeal Format


To appeal any ban on the server, please copy the format below, and paste it into a new topic here: Once done, fill in the blanks in the format, and post the thread. When appealing **ATTACH A SCREENSHOT OF THE BAN SCREEN OR MUTE MESSAGE** and evidence that you didn't deserve the punishment. If you cannot support evidence you weren't breaking the rules, we cannot unban you. We do not unban those who were cheating, this section is only for unjustified punishments.

--- My ban appeal | <Minecraft Username> ---

I was <Banned or Muted> on IrrationalMC for the reason <Reason for the ban. You can see the reason on the ban screen>

The staff member who banned me is: <Staff Members Name. If hawk ban, enter "Hawk Cheat Detection" **NOT "CONSOLE"**

I believe I should be <Unbanned or Unmuted> because <Provide a paragraph (At least 3-5 sentences long)on why you should be unbanned or muted>

Proof I wasn't breaking the rules: <Video (On YouTube) that shows you weren't breaking the rules>

--- End of my appeal ---
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