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[GUIDE] Ban Reasons
« on: May 13, 2020, 03:16:25 pm »

For information on appealing bans, or any HAWK CHEAT DETECTION bans, please read this thread: as this thread will be regarding MANUAL punishments.


Ban message must include MANUAL - <reason> | or not include HAWK CHEAT DETECTION as well as must be a ban. This thread does not cover mutes.


1. General Offences
The general offences ban will last 90 days on the first offence and be permanent on the second offence. General Offences cover anything from Griefing, team killing, cross-teaming, trolling, exploiting, etc.

2. Client Modifications
The client modifications ban will vary depending on severity and offence. The first offence can be 1 day for minor offences, and 1 week for a first offence on average. The second offence will result in a 1-month ban. You can only appeal first offence client modification bans. If you need to be banned multiple times for client modifications then you haven't learned your lesson.
Client modifications are any modification which gives you an advantage in-game and against other players. This includes hacked clients, auto clickers, macros, flight without permission, etc

3. Severe Offence / Max Violations
This ban can be triggered if you have 4 or more of a specific punishment (3 mutes or 3 bans before). This is normally on the fourth ban and has a permanent duration. It can also be triggered for severe offences such as getting friends on to all grief the server or doing any damage which cant be reversed.

4. Ban Evasion / Compromised Account
This ban is triggered when you use another account to get around a ban. Nobody except for you can use your account. If a banned player is using another account to play on the server, it is ban evasion and will result in an IP ban which has a permanent duration. As for compromised account, this is if we suspect your account to be insecure, or have been hacked/compromised. In this case, if you secure your account, just make an appeal explaining how you secured your account and we'll consider unbanning you.

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