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How to create an appeal
« on: October 10, 2019, 08:47:15 pm »
- - - - - Welcome to the ban appeals forum! - - - - -

What are the rules of a ban appeal?
  • You may appeal anti-cheat bans
  • You can appeal any ban longer than 1 day
  • You cannot appeal bans shorter than 1 day, and cannot appeal mutes (Unless it's a permanent mute

What is the proper format I should use?
Please follow the following format when appealing:

- Hello, my name is [Minecraft name],

I am appealing a ban (or mute) for [Ban/mute reason]

I feel like I should be unbanned (Or unmuted) because [reason you should be unbanned/muted]


No personal information! Any evidence you can provide is always helpful!
Signed, server Administration team.

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