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[GUIDE] How it Works
« on: June 02, 2020, 08:34:49 pm »
Welcome to the beta lobby!

Hey there! Welcome to the beta lobby. Here you can see our games which we are trying out to see if the community likes them. They may not be fully functional yet, and are always open to suggestions and improvements. That's where this page on the forums comes in.

We want our community to have a large say in what games are added, which are removed, and what is added to the games. The beta lobby is the place to do all those things. In this page on the forums, you will see threads with the tag [GAME]. Each thread with that tag means its a game in the beta lobby that you can play, and inevitably decide its fate.

Threads with logos that look like pieces of paper show that the poll is still open to voting. If it shows an exclamation mark, then the poll is closed, and a decision has been made. When you click a thread which is open for voting, read the description and then make a choice (Make sure you have played the game enough to make a choice). The poll is located above the description at the top of the thread. Once you vote, you can see the results.

Typically, a decision is made at 3 votes (First option to 3 votes), but can take more or less depending on the Admins thoughts, opinions, ideas, and amount the game is played.

If you have suggestions for games, or the beta lobby in general, please visit this suggestions thread, or the suggestions channel on the discord:

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