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Directory and Information
« on: May 06, 2020, 07:11:22 pm »
- - - Welcome to the forums for the IrrationalMC Minecraft server! - - -

Here is our global directory:

- - - - - Information - - - - -
In order to make, send, or reply to threads, make an account by going to the top left of the forums, and registering. if you don't see a register option, click login, then click register. A guide on how to register and send posts on the forums is found here:

Our server rules can be found by doing /rules on the server, or in the rules channel on the discord server (See the directory for the link).

Our staff tries to reply to threads as quickly as possible. if you don't receive a reply within a week, please join the discord and let us know, or get the attention of staff on the server.

Server IP:
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