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Helper Information
« on: October 21, 2019, 02:50:36 pm »
How do I apply for Moderator?
You cannot apply for Moderator on the forums. All members of staff begin as Helpers and Moderators are chosen from within the Helper group.

How do I apply for Admin?
Pretty simple, you don't.

How do I apply for Youtube?
You can apply for YouTube here:

What happens after I post an application? How long does it take to get a response?
After your application has been posted it is looked at by a member of the Applications Team. Once it has been reviewed it will be locked and you will receive a reply message on the forums letting you know whether you have been successful or not in your application.

We try our best to respond to applications within 2-3 days. Depending on how busy we are and how many application we have received, it may take up to a week before you receive a response.

I posted an application, but I havenít received a reply?
Please give the Applications Team 7 days to respond to your application. If more than 7 days have passed and you have not received a reply, then please private message rdv5 on discord, the forums, or get his attention on the server.

If I apply and get denied, when can I reapply?
You will be told in your denial message when you can re-apply, this is normally 1 week after you posted your latest application. Please note if you apply before this you will be instantly denied and made to wait two weeks instead of one.

I have been banned/muted before, will that hurt my chances of getting Helper?
Your reputation on the server will have an impact on your application. As a Helper you are put in a position of authority on the server. We have found that Helpers that have quite a negative reputation on the server struggle a lot more with situational handling because of the backlash they get from the community.

That being said we donít instantly deny people for having infractions on the server if they are honest and can prove that they have matured since then. We background check all applicants and if you fail to tell us about infractions on the server it could mean instant denial.

Do I need to be active on the forums to be able to apply?
The short answer is no. It is recommended that you are aware of how our forums work. However we are aware that every person has their own version of activity on the server. For some it is on the forums and for others it is in game.
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