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How to report a rule breaker
« on: October 10, 2019, 08:58:34 pm »
- - - - - Welcome to the reports forum! - - - - -

What are the rules on reporting?
  • You cannot report those who are already banned
  • You can ONLY report staff if you have video evidence to support your case
  • You can use /report [player] [reason] in-game to report a cheater
  • If you have no solid evidence, the member broke our rules, you will have little to no chance at them getting banned.
  • NEVER include your name in reports!
  • Don't report yourself. If you are breaking the rules just leave the server

What is the format I should use when reporting?
First, always use /report [player] [reason] in-game. The forum format is as follows:

- Hello,

I would like to report [Player's name] for [reason for the report].

I have the following evidence to support my case: [evidence].

They broke the rule: [Which rule they broke] on [date of the rule break].

Please use YouTube to supply evidence, as staff will not download clips to view the evidence.
Signed, server Administration team.

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